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1pcs Multifunctional Aluminum Emergency Survival Whistle Keychain For Camping Hiking Outdoor Tools Training whistle

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  • Description

    [Product Name] Whistle Mini Whistle Small Aluminum Alloy Whistle Lifesaving Whistle Training Whistle
    [Color] Multi color, random shipment, no color selection
    [Features] It can be hung on a backpack or on a keyring, fashionable and practical! When communicating with peers in the wilderness and seeking help in case of danger or accident, a small whistle can be very helpful. Outdoor experts suggest that each person should be equipped with 2 life saving whistles during outdoor activities, carry one with them, and store one in a backpack, just in case.
    The following is the Universal Whistle Language:
    Short notes (within one second); Long tone (over 3 seconds);
    The interval between command whistles is 2-3 seconds, and the interval between commands is more than 30 seconds (for example, sending commands repeatedly requires an interval of more than 30 seconds)
    ● ● ■ (two short and one long) assemble in the direction of whistling sound
    Starting and accelerating forward (one short and one long);
    ● ■ ■ (one short and two long) If someone falls behind, the front team will wait for the back team;
    ● ● ● (Three Shortcomings) Seek help when encountering difficulties
    This is the internationally recognized SOS code (three short, three long, and three short).

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