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Picnic FREE SHIPPING Brand 4×6 Meter Large Glamping Tent Bell Tent Shelter Event Bushcraft Toldo Para Playa Camping Accsesories

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    To southeast asian:  Thailand/Japan/Singapore/south korea/Indonesia/Malaysia/Philippines//Vietnam

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    beige color 4*6 meter outdoor tents large camping family tente


    tent size  400(L)*600(W)*300(H)*60cm 
    Groundsheet size  400*600cm on diameter 
    Roof Height  300cm 
    Wall Height  60cm 
    Entrance type  A frame pole at the door,170cm on height 
    Roof fabric   100% cotton canvas, 280gsm, PU coating, water proof, mildew resistant 
    sidewall   100% cotton canvas, 280gsm, PU coating, water proof, mildew resistant 
    Ground sheet   540gsm ripstop PVC, waterproof , detached with the teny by a zipper , waterproof 
    Net   40gsm white,both on door and windows 
    Central pole   Dia.38mm  galvanized steel tube,1.2mm thickness,copper-zinc coated 
    A frame pole   Dia.19mm  galvanized steel tube,1.0mm thickness, copper-zinc coated 
    Windows   4 side windows & 4 vents on the apex, with mesh 
    Door   3 zipper door, with mesh, with flap 
    Pegs   Φ5mm steel,26cm on length,12pcs 
    Ropes   Φ6mm Nylon ropes, 3m on length,12pcs, 
    Carrybag  same fabric as coverings 
    Packing size  130*35*35cm 
    Net Weight  58kg 
    Gross Weight  62KG


    European Warehouse Available Big Canvas Emperor Bell Tent Party Event Tent for 10~12 Persons

    This tent is available in our European warehouse. We usually ship the order within 2 business days. Then the transportation needs 5~7 days.


    Product Details:

    Size: Length 600cm x width 400cm x top height 300cm.
    Cotton canvas fabric: 285gsm, waterproof and mold resistant, beige color.
    Central pole: diameter 38mm galvanized steel tube, thickness 2mm.
    Door poles: diameter 19mm galvanized steel tube, thickness 1mm.
    Ground sheet material: 540gsm PVC, waterproof and mold resistant, brown color.
    Windows and door: mesh screens with canvas flap.
    Accessories: 1 x tent cover, 2 x center pole, 3 x a-frame pole, 16 x guy ropes, 16 x large stakes, 16 x small stakes, 3 x little rain cap, 1 x bag for poles, 1 x bag for stakes, 1 x bag for whole tent, 1 x user manual.
    Packing: All accessories are packed in two cartons. Carton size for tent cover is 112 x 33 x 33cm, and the carton size for hardwares is 112 x 25 x 25cm.
    Gross weight: 60kg.
    Four-season Tent: An integrated, heavy-duty zippable groundsheet allowing you to roll the side wall up on a hot summer’s day and to let the wind pass underneath.
    The cotton canvas fabric is with waterproof PU coating and the seam is taped, so the tent is waterproof on its own.
    Tent zippers: please use the cloth to cover the zipper closely, especially in rainy day, so the rain won’t leak in from zipper around the ground.
    Windproof grade: Our bell tent is against 6 degree wind i.e. 48km/hour. It is not advisable to use the tent if the windstorm is heavier than 6 degree.
    Leaking: when new, cotton canvas can sometimes leak around the seams. This is normal and once the tent has had its first light shower the weave of the canvas will shrink slightly, and stop this from occurring.
    Maintenance: Keep the tent clean and in bone-dry conditions when not using it.












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