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Octagon 5.1×5.1m Large Tarp Waterproof Shade Sail Sun Shelter Camping Awning Tent Sunshade Outdoor Garden Canopy Beach Tourist

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  • Description

    Item: Oversized Octagon Camping Sun Shelter


    Material:Polyester waterproof plaid cloth

    Unique craft:

    The back of the cloth is coated with silver to enhance the effect of sun protection and waterproofing.

    The point of force has been strengthened.


    Please pay attention to the above list. This page is a page that sells 1 piece of tarp separately, Not including rope poles and other accessories.

    If you need accessories, please visit the kit page of our store or place an order on the accessories page of our store.

    Building tips:

    First unfold the tarp on the ground, except for the two corners of the pole, tie the rope to the other corners first. Then set up the brace and fasten the rope of the brace. Then adjust the other 6 corners of the rope.



    Not pure white, with a little light rice color.




    This canopy can cater to 6-8 people and is very suitable for providing shade for a family to go out and play, such as camping, picnics, etc.

    When using, pay attention to control the distance from the fire to avoid danger.

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